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Far to extensive to post but . . . Firefighter, US Army Veteran, Adjunct Professor of Surgery. Retired. Live, breath, absorb science-related subjects", Archaeology, Biology, Biological Ecology, Botany, Climatology & Meteorology, Marine Biology, Microbiology, Physics (Quantum mechanics, M-Theory, String Theory, MultiVerse, CERN particle physics, etc.) Zoology (you get the picture)! Whew!!! Also enjoy(ed) extreme mountaineering, rock & ice climbing, alpine & cross-country skiing, gardening, cooking, etc. Terminally curious about my environment. Incomplete at best but a good representation of my education, experience and expertise; what motivates me.

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"What are the specifics on laser power? What do you use for the infrared blocker? What power microscope lenses do you use at #8 & 17? Thank you " | Read more » over 1 year ago
"I couldn't help notice a lack of written material, esp a numeral-labeled diagram. Hoping this is an oversight or work-in-progress bcuz it has my in..." | Read more » over 1 year ago


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