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I'm so excited to be the Community Science Soil Testing Fellow this winter! I'm currently in my first year of a PhD program in Environmental Toxicology at University of California, Riverside. I also run D.I.Y. Fungi, to share skills about growing mushrooms for food, medicine and earth renewal, and do applied research about bioremediation. I am passionate about community organizing, education and action around food systems, pollution, and waste issues; and am part of several groups working on these: CoRenewal, Mycoremediation Division (of Mushroom Mountain) and Healing City Soils.

Soil Contaminant Testing

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" Building on the comment about lead (Pb), other metals such as Cadmium and Zinc are common alongside roads, and especially PAH's (polycyclic aromat..." | Read more » about 1 month ago
" ps- so great that some of you can make it to the Open Hour on soil testing! We are going to harvest the soil testing options in a spreadsheet- ple..." | Read more » 3 months ago
"@falbriard @jjcreedon thank you for the info! Can you join us for a brainstorm about soil testing at the Upcoming OpenHour? Date: Monday, April 1s..." | Read more » 3 months ago
" Thanks @Ag8n !! Do you want to join us to brainstorm about soil testing methods for contaminants at the OpenHour: Date: Monday, April 1st Time: 6..." | Read more » 3 months ago
" Can this method be used in different matrices, such as soil? " | Read more » 3 months ago
"Good point @liz - there are equations for determining risk based on exposure routes and factors, population characteristics (ie- age) and known tot..." | Read more » 4 months ago
"Thanks @falbriard - I would love to exchange thoughts and brainstorm on this. I think its really important to keep developing these technologies. W..." | Read more » 4 months ago
" Hey! I'd love to explore and learn about different diy options for soil testing for contaminants.... reagents, colorimeters, spectrometers, etc. O..." | Read more » 4 months ago
" Thank you for this info! I'm curious - do you know if and how it would it be possible to embed a soil map that Public Lab users could add info to ..." | Read more » 5 months ago


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