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This is a regional page for the Public Lab community in the southeastern United States, reaching from the Appalachian mountains to the coastal plain. It sometimes reaches as far west as the Mississippi River, is bounded to the south by the Gulf Coast region, and to the north by Midwest and Northeast. Join the mailing list--plots-southeast--in the left sidebar. Also, look through the places listed below and see if your locality is already organizing locally. If so, join its local mailing list and subscribe to relevant tags on the website.

Organizers in the Southeast Region

5 organizers:

2 project leaders (not yet organizers)

  • John Keefe - teaching a class on water quality sensing Fall 2015

Existing chapters in the Southeast Region:

Activity in the Southeast Region

West Virginia



North Carolina

South Carolina


Title Author Updated Likes Comments
Coal Ash! You Dig? @latrecejohnson59 7 months ago 1
Ethylene Oxide Testing - Covington and Smyrna, GA @gccummings25 over 1 year ago 2
SmART-Form Paper Published by Public Health Nursing @nshapiro over 2 years ago 0
How CAFOS (Factory Farms) Are Plaguing North Carolina Communities of Color @zengirl2 almost 3 years ago 5
MapKnitter map of UNCC before the Awful Construction @servin10 almost 3 years ago 0
MapKnitter map of uncc map @gduerr1 over 4 years ago 0
Event: Citizen Science Gathering in West Virginia @liz over 4 years ago 0
MapKnitter map of Prairie Island Penstemon Pole Mapping 1 @jkpetter over 4 years ago 0
MapKnitter map of Prairie Island One @jkpetter over 4 years ago 7
Pole Mapping an Urban Prairie in Durham, NC @taramei over 4 years ago 2
MapKnitter map of 2198 Westinghouse Blvd @jdean32 almost 5 years ago 1
Dustduino Build for the AMP project @LauraChipley over 5 years ago 2
AMP August and September workshops and fieldwork @LauraChipley over 5 years ago 3
MapKnitter map of UNCC @ncuddy over 5 years ago 1
North Nashville: Concrete Batch Plant Rezoning Adjacent to a +50 Year Old Community @wward1400 almost 6 years ago 0
Mapping the NVCC campus using a flower pot as a camera rig @gustrow almost 7 years ago 7
Folly Beach, SC - a detailed look at a $3 million beach "restoration" @adam-griffith over 7 years ago 7
Integral City: Greensboro, NC @elainechoi89 almost 8 years ago 0
Updated Map: Western Carolina University @adam-griffith almost 9 years ago 1
New Whistleblower Website Promises Transparency in Appalachia @warren about 9 years ago 0
Students map campus of University of South Carolina - Beaufort - South @adam-griffith over 9 years ago 0
Video on geocoded conductivity readings from strip mine watersheds @warren over 9 years ago 0
Western Carolina University students map on the SC Coast @adam-griffith over 9 years ago 0
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