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The Grassroots Mapping Forum

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Read about cutting edge techniques in hacking environmental science in our "Grassroots Mapping Forum", our community research journal/archive/zine/map, where we share ideas, techniques, and stories from the Public Lab community.

The Grassroots Mapping Forum is printed on a 22.75x35" sheet of acid-free paper, and includes a full color reproduction of a grassroots map along with essays, illustrated guides, and interviews. It's a great way to stay abreast of the latest in the DIY environmental science movement.

cover image by Chris Eichler during Occupy Wall Street May Day 2012 organized by OscarBrett

Links provided to online versions of most articles.

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Issue #9 Land Management Issue (Oct 2015)


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Gardening Toolkit Case Study

Photo Monitoring Plugin for NDVI Using Image J by Ned Horning

FarmHack By Dorn Cox and Severine von Tscharner Fleming

PhotoSynq By Greg Austic

Planet Leafiest by Chris Fastie

Issue #8 The Urban Waters Issue (July 2015)


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About the Urban Waters Project

An Ode to Maps by Diana Di Leonardo

By Molly Gordon

By Amy LeGaux

Announcing Mapknitter 2.0 by the Web Working Group

Issue #7 The 5 Year Anniversary Issue (May 2015)


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Public Lab Five Year Retrospective by Shannon Dosemagen

How to Get Involved with Public Lab illustrated by Molly Danielsson

A History of Crediting Hardware Contributions by Mathew Lippincott

Coder Crisis: Attracting Software Developers to Public Lab by Justin Manley, Bryan Bonvallet, Jeff Warren, and Molly Danielsson

Issue #6 The Waste Issue (Q3 2014)


Issue 6 explores trash in all its many forms.

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Download the centerfold featuring an activity for estimating the volume of your local landfill

Issue #5 The International Issue (Q2 2014)


Issue 5 is focused on highlighting the Public Lab community around the world. It's also our first edition printed in color.

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Download a PDF copy of the Map of Silwan

Issue #4 (fall 2013)


Issue 4 is focused on long term research in the New York City chapter.

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Issue #3 (spring 2013)


Grassroots Mapping Forum Issue 3 text

Issue 3 is an in depth look at community organizing in the Public Lab community.

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Issue #2 (summer 2012)


Grassroots Mapping Forum Issue 2

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Issue #1 (summer 2011)

Grassroots Mapping Forum Issue 1

Sold out!

  • A full color wall-ready map of an island in Barataria Bay showing oil spilled from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
  • An interview with Gulf Coast resident Barbara Marcotte (Shannon Dosemagen
  • Details on how to get started balloon or kite mapping (Jeff Warren)
  • Reimagining the data lifecycle by Shannon Dosemagen and Jeff Warren

Pre-press version (not the final edition which went to press): gmf-1-prepress-small.pdf

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Learn about and get involved in writing, editing, publishing, promoting, and distributing the forum on the forum planning page.

Using Content from Grassroots Mapping Forum

The Forum is a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike licensed document. If you'd like to use content from it, go ahead! Mathew can provide high-res artwork and original files if those are helpful to you, just send an e-mail to mathew@publiclab.org. GM_Forum_20131025_Page_2.jpg