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Read about cutting edge techniques in hacking environmental science in our **_Community Science Forum_,** our research journal/archive/zine/map where we share ideas, techniques, and stories. The _Community Science Forum_ is printed on a 22.75x35" sheet of acid-free paper, and includes a full-color reproduction of our projects along with essays, illustrated guides, and interviews. It's a great way to stay abreast of the latest in the DIY environmental science movement. Links provided to online versions of most articles. Through 2019, most issues of the _Community Science Forum_ were designed by longtime Public Lab collaborator [Maria del Carmen Lamadrid](, who has generously agreed to make the template available under [CC-BY-SA license]( Download available [here]( ### [Click here to purchase a subscription]( **** ## Issue 18 Student-Led Community Science Projects (Summer 2021) ### [Download the PDF »](/i/47445) ### Read the Articles [Introduction to Student-Led Community Science Projects]( [Household Recycling in New Orleans]( [Collecting Microplastics in City Park]( [Observing Potholes in Louisiana]( [Calculating a Trash Estimate in the Mississippi River through New Orleans]( [Soil Contamination in Edgard]( [Challenges and Solutions doing Fieldwork]( [From Air to Soil]( [Soil Contamination in St. John the Baptist Parish]( **** ## Issue 17 Cranston Print Works (Fall 2019) [![CSF17COVER.jpg](/i/35560)](/i/35560?s=o) ### [Download the PDF »](/i/38857) ### Read the Articles [Introduction to Cranston Print Works]( [How a Leader and a Community Saved the Sprague Mansion]( [Recipes for Dyes: Chemicals, Metals, and Acids at Cranston Print Works]( [A Wintry Kite Mapping at Cranston Print Works]( [Coqui Water Testing]( [Memories with Molly]( [Immigration in Cranston]( **** ## Issue 16 Odor Logging (Spring 2019) [![33203.jpg](/i/33309)](/i/33309?s=o) ### [Download the PDF »](/i/38860) ### Read the Articles [Smell and Evocative Instrumentation: The history of measuring odors]( [Taking Action: Odors in Court]( [Novel Methods for Assessing Industrial Odors]( [Putting Odor Issues on the Map: Using citizen science to curb odors in the EU]( [How to Use a Transect, illustrated by Sara Sage]( [How to Describe Odors Using FIDO, illustrated by Sara Sage]( **** ## Issue 15 Gulf Coast (Late fall 2018) [![27573.jpg](/i/33310)](/i/33310?s=o) ### [Download the PDF »](/i/38859) ### Read the Articles [Educating a New Generation of Advocates]( [Recharging New Orleans: Rain Barrels and Environmental Justice]( [The Africatown Connections Blueway: Legacy and Rebirth]( [Sustain the Nine: Resilience in the Lower Ninth Ward]( [Fighting the Flood: Community Activism and Education in Pensacola]( **** ## Issue 14 Crisis Convening (Fall 2018) [![27572.jpg](/i/33311)](/i/33311?s=o) ### [Download the PDF »](/i/38854) ### Read the Articles [Show You Can be Free in a Colony]( [For Us, by Us: A Network of Support for Puerto Rico]( [The Importance of Community-based Responders]( **** ## Issue 13 Changing Environmental Governance Landscape (Fall 2017) [![CSF_04_digital.jpg](]( ### [Download the PDF »]( ### [[Order a copy »]] ### Read the Articles [How is the changing environmental governance landscape affecting your work?]( by Public Lab Staff [Back to basics, or a departure from environmental protections? History lends perspective]( by Leif Fredrickson, [Environmental Data and Governance Initiative]( [Silver linings of community science]( by [Gretchen Gehrke](, Public Lab [What's happening with government agencies' environmental justice work?]( by Jill Lindsey Harrison, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Colorado-Boulder [Let public lands speak for themselves]( by George Dusenbury, GA State Director, [The Trust for Public Land]( [Roll up your sleeves and fight regulatory rollbacks]( by Stacy Shelton [Activate impact: fund boldness]( by Jake Mogan, [The 11th Hour Project]( [Washington is one of many paths to sustainability progress. Green buildings can help]( by Jeremy Sigmon, Director, [Technical Policy, U.S. Green Building Council]( **** ## Issue 12 Water (Winter 2017) [![CSF_03_digital.jpg](]( ### [Download the PDF »]( ### [[Order a copy »]]( ### Read the Articles [Photo Documentation of Frac Sand Mine Surface Water Spills]( by Lee Boland [Hydraulic Fracturing and the Rebirth of Citizen Water Monitoring in the U.S]( by Kirk Jalbert, Manager of Community-Based Research & Engagement, [FracTracker Alliance]( [The Riffle: DIY and Open Source]( by [Don Blair]( and [Mathew Lippincott]( [Pollutant Discharge Permits]( by [Gretchen Gehrke]( [A Sensor Journalist's Story]( by Jillian Clemente [What happens when we use timelapse to monitor blasting at mine sites?]( by Public Lab Staff **** ## Issue 11 Frac Sand (Spring 2016) [![CSF_02_digital.jpg](//](// ### [Download the PDF »]( ### [[Order a copy »]]( ### Read the Articles [What happens when the mining stops? Focus on Reclamation]( by [Gretchen Gehrke](, [Mathew Lippincott]( and Cheryl Miller [History of Community Air Monitoring in Western Wisconsin]( by [Mathew Lippincott]( [Airborne Silica and Regulations]( by [Gretchen Gehrke]( [Interview with Pat Popple]( by [Stevie Lewis]( [Visual Reporting on Air Quality: EPA Method 9]( by [Stevie Lewis]( [Using Photographs in Fighting Mining Companies]( by Forest Jahnke, [Crawford Stewardship Project]( [Local Knowledge and Aerial Imagery]( by Mary Kenosian [Documenting Runoff with Photography]( by [Gretchen Gehrke]( ---- ## Issue 10 DIY Oil Testing (Winter 2016) [![CSF_digital.jpg](//](// ### [Download the PDF »]( ### [Order a copy »]( ### Read the Articles [Announcing Spectral Workbench 2]( by [Jeffrey Warren]( [DIY Oil Testing]( by [Jeffrey Warren]( , [Stevie Lewis]( and [Gretchen Gehrke]( [Using the Oil Testing Kit with Gulf Coast Communities]( by [Stevie Lewis]( [DIY Oil Testing Narratives]( by [Ann Chen]( [Oil Sheen Testing]( by [Matej Vakula]( [Spectometer Intensity Calibration]( by [Yagiz Sutcu]( [Collecting Oil Sheen on Newtown Creek, Dutch Kills, Queens, NY]( by [Matej Vakula]( and [nameiswillis]( ---- ## Issue 9 Land Management Issue (Oct 2015) [![Issue_9.png](//](// ### [Download the PDF »]( ### [Order a copy »]( ### Read the Articles [Gardening Toolkit Case Study]( [Photo Monitoring Plugin for NDVI Using Image J]( by Ned Horning [FarmHack]( by [Dorn Cox]( and Severine von Tscharner Fleming [PhotoSynq]( by Greg Austic Planet Leafiest ([Nighthawk Panorama]( and [Return to Planet LEAFFEST]( by [Chris Fastie]( ---- ## Issue 8 The Urban Waters Issue (July 2015) [![GMF-8-Cover.png](]( ### [Download the PDF »]( ### [Order a copy »]( ### Read the Articles [About the Urban Waters Project](/wiki/urban-waters-mapping-nola) [An Ode to Maps by Diana Di Leonardo](/wiki/GMF-8-An-Ode-To-Maps) [By Molly Gordon](/wiki/gmf-8-molly-gordon) [By Amy LeGaux](/wiki/gmf-8-Amy-LeGaux) [Announcing Mapknitter 2.0 by the Web Working Group](/notes/warren/02-13-2015/announcing-mapknitter-2-0) ---- ## Issue 7 The 5 Year Anniversary Issue (May 2015) [![GMF-7-cover.jpg](]( ### [Order a copy »]( ### [Download the PDF »]( ### Read the Articles [Public Lab Five Year Retrospective]( by [Shannon Dosemagen]( [How to Get Involved with Public Lab]( illustrated by [Molly Danielsson]( [A History of Crediting Hardware Contributions]( by [Mathew Lippincott]( [Coder Crisis: Attracting Software Developers to Public Lab]( by [Justin Manley](, [Bryan Bonvallet](, [Jeff Warren](, and [Molly Danielsson]( ---- ## Issue 6 The Waste Issue (Q3 2014) [![GM_Forum_20140909_just_cover_for_web.jpg](]( Issue 6 explores trash in all its many forms. ### [Order a copy »]( [Download a PDF copy](") [Download the centerfold featuring an activity for estimating the volume of your local landfill](") * A full color map or the Trans-Load America Pondview Waste Facility. * [Touch, Collect, Display, Order, Mesasure, Map, Inflate, and Build with Waste!]( by ([Pablo Rey Mazón](, Basurama) * [Mapping Waste When Waste is Invisible]( ([Max Liboiron]( * [Detritivore Design]( ([Mathew Lippincott]( * [Connecting with our Landfills]( ([Nicholas Johnson]( * [Estimating the Volume and Weight of Waste]( ([Holden Sparacino]( * Saugus Ash Landfill, MA ([Pablo Rey Mazón]( * 3D Modelling Waste Piles with SFM ([Pat Coyle]( ---- ## Issue 5 The International Issue (Q2 2014)  [![GMF_5_Cover.jpg](]( Issue 5 is focused on highlighting the Public Lab community around the world. It's also our first edition printed in color. ### [Order a copy »]( [Download a PDF copy](") [Download a PDF copy of the Map of Silwan](") * [Full color map of Silwan](, Jerusalem created through participatory mapping with children from Silwan. * La Valld'Uixó cover by Basurama (Pablo Rey Mazón and Rubén Lorenzo) using MapKnitter. * [Thoughts on Better Tools for Mapping]( from [Hagit Keysar](/profile/hagitkeysar) in Jerusalem. * [Interview]( with [Pablo Rey Mazón](/profile/pablol), developer at and waste researcher with Basurama by [Shannon Dosemagen](/profile/shannon) * [Exploring Science Beyond Exams in Hong Kong]( by Fan Lok-yi * [Mapping along the Rio Hondo River in Belize]( by [Pat Coyle](/profile/patcoyle) * [Tools for Stalling Eviction]( by María del Carmen Lamadrid. ---- ## Issue 4 (fall 2013) [![GMF4-detail.jpg](]( Issue 4 is focused on long term research in the **New York City chapter**. ### [Order a copy »]( [Download a PDF copy]( * Full color maps featuring sewage overflows in the Gowanus Canal and oyster reef restoration in the Bronx River * [Tracking recreated wetlands in Jamaica Bay]( with [Gena Wirth](/profiles/gwirth) and the Dredge Collective * Jamaica Bay cover illustration by [Gena Wirth](/profiles/gwirth) * [Interview with founding board member and New York City research lead]( [Eymund Diegel](/profile/eymund-diegel) by [Shannon Dosemagen](/profile/shannon) * [Two-tether mapping method]( by [Natasia Sidharta](/profile/natasia) * [GLAM Mission]( by Hans Hesselein * [Five Borough Farm]( by [Philip Silva](/profile/p_silva_82) and [Liz Barry](/profile/liz) * and much more! ---- ## Issue 3 (spring 2013) [![GMF_3_cover.jpg](]( Issue 3 is an in depth look at **community organizing in the Public Lab community**. ### [Order a copy »]( [Download a PDF copy](/system/images/photos/000/007/787/original/GM_Forum_3_web.pdf) * A full color, wall-ready [map of downtown Oakland]( and of [UC Davis]( during the Occupy protests with notes from the cartographer and mappers * [An interview with citizen scientist organizer Cindy Regalado]( ([Shannon Dosemagen](/people/shannon)) * [Protest Mapping]( ([Oscar Brett](/people/Oscar-Brett)) * Organizing Public Lab ([Shannon Dosemagen](/people/shannon)) * [Open Sourcing Jerusalem?]( ([Hagit Keysar](/people/hagitkeysar)) * Barnstars! ([Liz Barry](/people/liz)) * [Civic and Citizen Science: the Cocodrie Barnraising heats up]( (dialog from the Public Lab 2012 Barnraising) ---- ## Issue 2 (summer 2012) [![GMF_2_Cover.jpg](]( ### [Order a copy »]( [Download a PDF copy]( * A full color wall-ready [map of the Chandeleur Islands](/map/chandeleur-islands-louisiana/2010-05-09) with notes from the ground and bios of the mappers. * [UAS Ethics: A dialogue on Unpiloted Aerial System]( (drone) ethics between privacy lawyers, drone developers, and balloon-loving grassroots mappers. (ed. [Mathew Lippincott](/people/mathew), including [Amie Stepanovich]( and [Coby Leuschke]( * [DIY Near-Infrared Imaging]( ([Chris Fastie](/people/cfastie) and [Jeff Warren](/people/warren)) * [An interview with]( [Scott Eustis](/people/eustatic) [of the Gulf Restoration Network]( ([Shannon Dosemagen](/people/shannon)) * Quick, fun activities you can do to get involved in Grassroots Mapping! ---- ## Issue 1 (summer 2011) **Sold out!** * A full color wall-ready map of an island in Barataria Bay showing oil spilled from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill * An interview with Gulf Coast resident Barbara Marcotte (Shannon Dosemagen * Details on how to get started balloon or kite mapping (Jeff Warren) * _[Reimagining the data lifecycle](/notes/warren/07-01-2014/reimagining-the-data-lifecycle)_ by [Shannon Dosemagen](/profile/shannon) and [Jeff Warren](/profile/warren) Pre-press version (not the final edition which went to press): gmf-1-prepress-small.pdf ---- ### Get involved Learn about and get involved in writing, editing, publishing, promoting, and distributing the forum on [the forum planning page](/wiki/forum-planning). ### Using Content from Grassroots Mapping Forum The Forum is a [Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike]( licensed document. If you'd like to use content from it, go ahead! Mathew can provide high-res artwork and original files if those are helpful to you, just send an e-mail to [![GM_Forum_20131025_Page_2.jpg](]( CSF17.pdf ...

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