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Kite based airflow monitoring

by Ecta64 over 1 year ago | 0 | 208 | 1

This is a very simple technique that can be used to aid in wind turbine siting while also being u...

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The TALA Kite Anemometer

by Ecta64 about 3 years ago | 0 | 2,476 | 2

For various reasons (mainly limited space at flying sites and very strict regulations on where ...

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Review/Overview of the Public Lab Pole Mapping Kit

by Ecta64 over 3 years ago | 5 | 2,998 | 10

Pole aerial photography has been a very popular means of gathering elevated imagery for some time...

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Pole Aerial Photography the easy and simple way

by Ecta64 over 3 years ago | 8 | 2,793 | 2

Like many would be pole aerial photographers I have run the gamut from thinking about purchasing ...

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