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The Community Atlas project, funded by Google Making and Science, has supported the rebuilding of MapKnitter, as well as a fellowship program for community mapping projects in Bangalore, India, and Nottingham, UK.

Title Author Updated Likes
Community Atlas: an "around the world collaboration" on MapKnitter @warren about 2 months ago
Map Knitter- UI Evaluation 1 , Ballon Mapping Test @silentsairam 2 months ago
MapKnitter UI Evaluation 2 - Mapping of Garbage Dump/Hot spots @silentsairam 2 months ago
MapKnitter UI evaluation 2: Mapping Nottingham's Urban Greening @molangmuir10 3 months ago
Child-led R&D of camera rigs for mapping @molangmuir10 3 months ago
MapKnitter map of Grab-AGE @silentsairam 3 months ago
Mapknitter: UI evaluation @molangmuir10 3 months ago
Build a simple aerial photo rig for a Raspberry Pi camera @warren 4 months ago
Mapping Nottingham's urban greening & growing spaces (UK) @molangmuir10 4 months ago
Introducing the MapKnitter: Community Atlas project @warren 4 months ago
Increase in Human Death space @silentsairam 4 months ago
How to delete the images which I do not want to place in the map? @silentsairam 4 months ago
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