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Child-led R&D of camera rigs for mapping

by molangmuir10 | June 20, 2019 15:01 20 Jun 15:01 | #19761 | #19761

Building from @warren's research note - - together with a team of young (9-11 year old scientists) we are aiming to develop and test camera rigs for balloon and kite mapping.

This is taking place in our child-led lab, Lab_13 Dovecote Primary in Nottingham, UK. (

Today was our first session and the kids had lots of different ideas for how this could be done. The main ideas that came up were using...

  • standard party ballon with a hole poked in for a camera
  • corrugated plastic sheets sandwiching camera
  • aerodynamic corrugated plastic case
  • hummus style plastic tub
  • kin ex (though I did have to highlight that most people don't have ready-access to kinex and they are going to come up with something else to use instead!)
  • plastic bottles

image description

In the coming weeks we will be building models. Once we have all all the model rigs we will and then test the different designs including the ones that exist in the public lab community already. We will compare the rig weights, ease of building and the quality of the resulting photos.

I will post our research here as it happens!

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Excited to hear more about this project! I'm really interested in exploring design & prototyping with school-aged youth.

Thanks! I'll tag you when I update it. I love that kids imaginations aren't limited. They are the best age group to work on design with!

So true!

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Awesome!!! @mimiss check this out!

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