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Increase in Human Death space

by silentsairam | May 20, 2019 17:35 20 May 17:35 | #19463 | #19463


I am residing in a community where more close 80,000 human beings live(pets, human being/ plants). Off late, the Cemeteries have been increased too and space for a human living has reduced to 8 sq.ft /person.

Our main concern:

Reclaim the Urban/Rural Death space and use a simple way of disposing of bodies.

Obstacles and supporting information:

With respect to India, there is no data of Funerals, Cemeteries list across states. Mapping the places by visiting all nearby cemeteries and funeral grounds.

Who is engaged in this concern?

People and the Government.

What are the initial questions?

  1. How to start the conversation where the death of a person is treated in religious form?
  2. Sustainable methods of composting human bodies.

I happened to read Recompose, startup in the UK trying to address this issue.

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Hi, this is really interesting -- I also noticed you were trying to make an inline questions grid but it didn't format correctly -- you have do do it in "markdown" mode -- so I fixed it, i hope that's OK!

Although I'm not sure, but I think it's not possible to use multiple tags, like urbandeath,map-knitter -- so perhaps you'd have to make 3 separate ones? Or, use multiple tags on the questions you want. Full docs at

Hope that's helpful!

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Thanks, @warren for your suggestions.

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hey @silentsairam wow- thanks for sharing this. Reminded me a little bit of @eymund work mapping human remains buried under parking lots. Check out the research notes on his profile here:

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Some of the research and insights I studied with people and visited some cemeteries and burial grounds to observe and check the Area covered.

I created Google My Maps, , to check the Total Area covered at 3 different places. It occupies nearly 1 Lakh sq.ft(includes office, dead bodies, gasifier etc).

Sharing image of distance measurement 😃 chennai_corporation_burial_ground_area.png

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