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Air Sensors

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Choosing Sensors

Often the first step is to look for a sensor for what you're hoping to measure. Below we're collecting info on different kinds of water quality sensors, and their:

  • cost
  • sensitivity/accuracy
  • links and documentation

Can you afford a sensor? Can it detect what you're looking for? Where can you learn more about it?

Read more about choosing a sensor

Air sensor projects

Title Updated Version Views Likes
Simple Air Sensor 29 days ago by warren 23 222 2
MiniVol TAS Particulate Matter Monitor 2 months ago by Bronwen 45 888 1
PurpleAir 4 months ago by warren 15 1,335 2
MACA about 1 year ago by nanocastro 4 339 5
Optical Monitoring of Particulate Matter over 1 year ago by warren 23 1,327 4
DustDuino over 1 year ago by warren 26 4,540 7
pDR-1500 about 2 years ago by mathew 6 556 2


Title Author Updated Likes
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Should the Purple Air be co-located with a weather station? @stevie 6 months ago
Why are the PM10 particles of the Purpleair monitor biased so high? @Cbarnes9 9 months ago
What type of aerosol was used for the calibration of the purpleair lasers? @Cbarnes9 9 months ago
Does particle composition that the purple air monitors measure greatly skew the data output? @Cbarnes9 9 months ago
How can we connect a PMS5003 dust sensor to an Arduino? @warren 9 months ago
Looking for hands-on help with a datalogger! @Bronwen over 1 year ago
what data-logger will work with my portable HCHO meter? @nshapiro over 1 year ago
The difference between medical particle monitoring and your particle monitoring? @Ag8n over 1 year ago
3 particle type @Ag8n over 1 year ago
What different electronic particulate pollution sensors are available and at what cost? @warren over 1 year ago
How good is the PurpleAir sensor and what does it detect? @warren over 1 year ago
What are some ways to collect dust or particulate samples for analysis? @warren over 1 year ago
Is the dustduino (with Shinyei sensor) appropriate for use to study particulates at high altitude (100,00ft)? @rickwoodrickle over 4 years ago
Is it possible to log the data from a dustduino without a wifi network? @kp55 over 4 years ago
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