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by flint | March 08, 2014 18:18 08 Mar 18:18 | #10144 | #10144

What I have done

Arduino based low cost remote stream gauge see presentation[][(

My attempt and results

Questions and next steps

Breakthrough is getting good resolution out of depth sensor strip. follow progress on tiddlewiki

Why I'm interested

NOAA and USGS are closing gauge houses nationally. We need to know the water depth and be able to deprive flow from this data.

flint h


I'm wondering if you could post some more details or sketches of your design? is it using conductivity?

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No, it uses a passive depth sensor strip.

See website.

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well, there's no explanation on your website. By googling the name on the sensor name visible in a photo of yours, I can see that its an e-tape milone:

You might want to put this text right on your sensor page "we use the E-tape Milone, a proprietary solid state resistor whose resistance changes with its saturation, allowing depth measurements. The maximum length available is 32", defining the operational depth change measurable by the Strembot." Other info that might be good on your sensor page: temporal sensitivity, calibration issues etc. Then next time when you say "see website" someone like me can actually find what I was looking for.

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I would be happy to take some advice as to how to best show off the strembot.

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