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Stormwater Workshop 4 Report: Implementing a Stormwater Study

by stevie 9 days ago | 0 | 46 | 0

On June 3rd a group met in New Orleans for the fourth workshop in the Stormwater Series. In this ...

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Stormwater Workshop 3 Report: Designing a Stormwater Study

by stevie about 1 month ago | 0 | 123 | 2

On May 6th, we met for the third in the [Stormwater Workshop Series][1] on "Designing a Stormwate...

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Stormwater Workshop Two Report: Community Mapping

by stevie about 1 month ago | 0 | 170 | 3

On April 8th 12 people gathered for the second in the [Stormwater Workshop series][1]. The goal o...

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Introduction to Stormwater Workshop 1 Report

by stevie 3 months ago | 0 | 168 | 2

On March 4th, we hosted an event in New Orleans that was the first of the [New Orleans Stormwater...

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Stormwater Workshop Series in New Orleans!

by stevie 5 months ago | 0 | 467 | 2

**Public Lab will be starting a new workshop series in New Orleans focusing on Stormwater and Flo...

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Looking for New Orleans Pole Mappers

by eloisereid about 1 year ago | 2 | 579 | 1

Next Week: Tuesday, June 14th, Wednesday the 15th and Thursday 16th I am looking for people who a...

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SeaGrant Helicopter photo of Urban waterway restoration in Mapknitter through GIMP

by eustatic over 2 years ago | 1 | 1,397 | 0

Capture the river restoration of Bayou St John on mapknitter from a public doman video screenc...

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A Method for distorting Mobius Action Cam imagery in GIMP (FOSS)

by eustatic over 2 years ago | 4 | 3,157 | 4

Make Mapknitter maps with infragram and another mobius (so light!) So Mat suggested a metho...

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by Sebastian over 3 years ago | 0 | 2,297 | 1

Dear local Public Lab Community, This is a last minute call :) We would like to invite eve...

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Chalmette flare spectrum field trip

by danbeavers almost 4 years ago | 0 | 3,335 | 1

I have not had time to do any analysis yet so in order to not be too much of a hindrance I am po...

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