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How to Help Citizens Affected by Factory Farming? #waterquality #airquality #CAFO #factoryfarms

by Zengirl2 2 months ago | 0 | 278 | 3

The Socially Responsible Agricultural Project (SRAP) recently held ...

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Hydrogen sulfide badges by Morphix Technologies

by gretchengehrke 5 months ago | 1 | 154 | 0

Hi Folks! I just found these hydrogen sulfide passive samplers that are made by Morphix Technolog...

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Preparation for Pilot H2S Testing

by ErikHanley11 over 2 years ago | 0 | 1,215 | 4

This is a research note for a project surrounding the development of a low cost tool for detectio...

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Toward calibrating H2S sensors.

by JSummers over 3 years ago | 1 | 3,146 | 8

Up front, I want to make clear that we have not gotten down the road very far on this project, m...

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Hydrogen Sulfide Monitoring Tool Well Received at NIEHS Conference!

by Sara over 3 years ago | 0 | 1,829 | 4

Deborah Thomas, Executive Director for and I presented our two year project trac...

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Sensing Hydrogen Sulfide from CAFO Emissions in Poweshiek County, Iowa

by sophie over 3 years ago | 6 | 4,192 | 8

In Poweshiek County, Iowa, there are over 45 confined animal feeding operations, and due to thei...

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Getting your WheeStat set up.

by JSummers over 3 years ago | 12 | 6,245 | 7

This research note is intended to explain how to setup a WheeStat potentiostat. **Install Driv...

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Report on 1st White House Maker Faire June 18th 2014

by Sara over 3 years ago | 0 | 6,619 | 1

Eymund Diegel, a Public Lab organizer and member of Public Lab’s board of directors, from Broo...

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Hydrogen Sulfide Photopaper Sensing Tool - Development Notes

by ewilder over 3 years ago | 2 | 2,027 | 1

The purpose of this research was to test whether the photopaper sensing tool can be used to map h...

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Quantifying Airborne Hydrogen Sulfide

by JSummers almost 4 years ago | 5 | 3,912 | 6

Jack Summers, Alexandra Shuey and Taylor Royalty The goal of our project was to develop a low ...

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H2S photopaper test asasembly

by Clarke_Brian over 4 years ago | 2 | 2,098 | 1

Sara Wylie and I put together a package of 20 photopaper strips for testing hydrogen sulfide con...

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Alternate Design for H2S Cannister

by deepwinter over 5 years ago | 3 | 2,117 | 1

I wanted to make the H2S cannister more reusable, and avoid the use of tape (which is not reusabl...

Read more article on Sulfur release to Chalmette

by eustatic about 5 years ago | 0 | 1,920 | 2

Chalmette is east of New Orleans, and east of the lower 9th ward. there are a couple of refineri...

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by cfastie over 5 years ago | 1 | 3,913 | 0

Low Elevation Aerial Flights For Earth Sensing Technology WHAT</stron...

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Remote temperature sensing

by cfastie over 5 years ago | 2 | 2,909 | 2

When I went public with my home compost pile four days ago, I sort ...

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Putting together H2S Test Kit

by megan over 5 years ago | 2 | 2,762 | 1

Here is a little narrative about how I put together the test kits to send out to Josh at San Juan...

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First Experiment Analyzed

by megan over 5 years ago | 2 | 2,395 | 1

After posting the second experiment, I thought it might tell me something to go back and measure ...

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Easy ways to make precise maps

by megan over 5 years ago | 0 | 2,714 | 0

Here is a crash course on how any one can make simple clear, precise maps with out having fancy s...

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Prototype DIY glove box

by warren over 5 years ago | 3 | 4,932 | 0

<iframe width="480" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" ...

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Next Round of Experiments

by megan over 5 years ago | 14 | 2,218 | 0

It has been decided that the next round of experiments will take place at the first well pad off ...

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Designs for next round of experiments Aztec, New Mexico

by megan over 5 years ago | 1 | 1,706 | 0

New Experimental Designs SR1 At this site containers will be placed in a compass rose posit...

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Analyzed Results and Suggested Next Steps for H2S Testing in Aztec, New Mexico

by megan over 5 years ago | 0 | 2,869 | 0

Results SR1 There are essentially four different test sites at this well one to the north east, ...

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New Container Tests, Aztec, New Mexico

by megan over 5 years ago | 2 | 1,832 | 0

Trying out new ideas for containers. Since we got more results for the horizontally placed tu...

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New Experimental Design, Aztec, New Mexico

by megan over 5 years ago | 0 | 1,617 | 0

After talking with Sara about next steps, we decided four things are important, we decided we sho...

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