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First Experiment Analyzed

by megan |

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After posting the second experiment, I thought it might tell me something to go back and measure the location of each container from the center of the well pad. Here is that information, put into a gradient with the location around the well listed too.

I don't know if it tells us much know, but it might be useful after we get the results of the second experiment.

hydrogen-sulfide-sensing hydrogen-sulfide h2s h2s-photopaper


That's a neat take on visualizing the location-- it would be nice to unite the color data for the test strips with the maps themselves, so instead of red dots indicating the location relative to other black dots, make each dot on the map a test strip, and make the map bigger.

Then all the data would be in four spacially related images. You could drop them onto Mapknitter maps centered around the coordinates you put together in this note:

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Did you use a scanner to capture the test strips' colors? I think if you scan them as a TIFF file, then the color data will all be preserved. If uploaded to Mapknitter as TIFFs, then someone else could download a GeoTIFF with erfectly preserved color data and geospacial data.

I love seeing this project come along! great work on these and the testing kit.

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