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H2S photopaper test asasembly

by Clarke_Brian |

What I want to do

Sara Wylie and I put together a package of 20 photopaper strips for testing hydrogen sulfide concentration. The strips were made 3/19/13 to send to a researcher Jack Summers at Western Carolina University for lab testing.

In a dark room we placed approximately 1 inch strips of photo paper in black film canisters and held them with tape. We labeled them with the date they were made. Paper in this batch came from the Ilford Multigrade IV RC DE LUXE photo paper (shown in "Main image"). serial number: 1455 7089

Prof. Summers has been working on another DIY approach to testing for H2S described here:

Questions and next steps

The next step is to plan an experimental design with Prof. Summers. We will aim to follow something like the process described in Horwell 2004 see:

hydrogen-sulfide-sensing boston h2s hydrogensulfide-h2s-boston hydrogen-sulfide-testing


hey, is hte link still functional?

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