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Hydrogen Sulfide Photopaper Sensing Tool - Development Notes

by ewilder |

The purpose of this research was to test whether the photopaper sensing tool can be used to map hydrogen sulfide (H2S) emissions around sites of oil and gas extraction.

A general description of the tool and instructions for using it can be found here.

The presentation available below describes the process of creating the final maps for our first site, in Deaver, WY. In the interest of improving the process next time, it highlights the challenges and problems that we encountered during each stage of the process.

hydrogen-sulfide-sensing hydrogen hydrogen-sulfide h2s wyoming sulfide h2s-photopaper


Just in case the Slideshare disappears, i'm uploading the PDF here:


Hi, just wondering - were the controls completely sealed, or did you also put controls in areas where there was air, but not air with H2S? Just thinking about whether other factors could stain the paper even without H2S?

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