Question: How to best write a debrief of a session at Barnraising?

pdhixenbaugh asked on November 04, 2017 15:15
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At every Barnraising session, there are a few notetakers with the goal of documenting and sharing back with the larger Public Lab community.

Do we want to do this? What are the best ways we can do this? Can we aspire towards a common flexible format?

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4 Answers

Perhaps these would work well as research notes: I think the basic template lends itself well to outlining the kinds of questions/goals that are covered in sessions, and participants could add their own pictures/resources/takeaways as time allows.

pdhixenbaugh 4 months ago

I like this idea! Maybe with a focus of leading with the takeaway, and with a link to more resources (which people can add to over time). So the RN should have... "What question are we trying to answer,... What did we do,...?"

caufenkamp 3 months ago

I love what you did here

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For future consideration: It might be useful to set aside time during the day for documentation -- just as a set session, or as multiple sessions across days. I agree that research notes are a great way to do this.

Note to self: This hypothetical session should probably involve cookies.

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Did anyone get a photo of the schedule board? I'd love to go through and post the questions on there as questions on the site -- that way we can have a set of places to collect the notes, photos, etc for each session over the next few weeks.

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Hi!! Check out the Barnraising 2017 page. :) Fill in sessions, notes and lightning talks that happened!

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