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Question:Have you had any experience utilizing low cost portable microscopes?

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by gilbert | July 18, 2017 19:25 | #14663

There is an increasing need for communities impacted by environmental degradation to have access to affordable microscopy, in order to identify sources of contamination. Sharing your experience, insights, recommendations, successes and or problems encountered would greatly benefit such communities.

@stevie and I have initiated a wiki page on low cost microscopes and their diverse applications. Please share your comments here or feel free to edit the wiki page: www.publiclab.org/wiki/microscope


I had a great experience, notwithstanding real difficulty though, following @mathew's directions in person during the Annual Barnraising 2016 https://publiclab.org/notes/mathew/04-17-2016/making-an-openflexure-microscope. I would be very excited if anyone made installing the feet easier. I would love to have a working microscope.

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There are a lot of resources on microscopes on the PL site from over the years:

https://publiclab.org/tag/microscope -- but to list some out:

https://publiclab.org/notes/liz/09-28-2016/diy-microscope-resources refers to @maxliboiron's https://civiclaboratory.nl/2016/08/06/diy-microscopes/, a great summary of lots of DIY microscope designs to date.

https://publiclab.org/notes/MicroscopesAreCool/12-05-2016/microscope-from-tablet-computer by @MicroscopesAreCool builds on resources from Make Magazine and Instructables, and was from right here in Somerville, MA!

https://publiclab.org/notes/tonyc/03-17-2016/mobius-microcam by @tonyc showing millimeters on a ruler, for scale.

and https://publiclab.org/notes/Holger/11-06-2015/raspberry-pi-based-microscope by @Holger, working from Instructables, who mentioned interest in developing a <$50 kit!

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Also, wasn't sure if you were asking for links to existing projects, or asking about (qualitatively) peoples' experiences using them -- but I had the former, hope that helps!

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