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Mobius MicroCam

by tonyc | March 17, 2016 19:55 17 Mar 19:55 | #12856 | #12856

What I want to do

turn my mobius actioncam into a microscope

My attempt and results

I pulled the 6mm lens, flipped it around, taped it to the CCD housing, closed it up, and suddenly, it was a microscope.


IMG_0011.JPG A paper sleeve allowed for crude focussing, via friction-fit.

IMG_0012.JPG A plastic piece, as a crude slide.

2016-03-17-124546.jpg the result: Strictly OK.

Questions and next steps

With better optics, different arrangements, hoping the CCD and the other features of the Mobius (possibly using a lens extension cable, etc) will allow for higher quality versions of traditional webcam microscopy projects already out there.

Why I'm interested

Because there is a shmutzy mobius on my desk, and we've been talking about microscopy lately...had to try it!


Love it!! Can you image something of known scale so we know the magnification? Awesome, Tony.

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Using a Pi cam and some optics from alibaba that runs about $20, you can get sub-micron quality. This image made with a waterscope, or Open Flexure Microscope, one of the super awesome projects we found at GOSH.

This is what inspired me to mess around with the Mobius. Richard, the inventor, is going to post some stuff soon, and we should see more on his project as @mathew starts using it for the dust monitoring project.

All very exciting. t

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this is set up to use light from above, so had to force it to get an image on an opaque object.

it think there is a lot of room to get better magnification by using different optics. Standard M12 mount should allow a lot of choice here.

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those are mms, on the measuring tape, btw. Guess I cropped the most important part scale out of the photo!

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