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Microscope from Tablet Computer

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I want to make a tablet computer microscope. This is adapted from "Make Magazine, Microscope" - - and "Instructables: $10 Smartphone to Digital Microscope Conversion!" - All -

I have built a platform and it's working well.

I want to achieve better magnification. I right now have 40x magnification, using two laser pointer lenses. Some builds claim to achieve magnification levels as high as 175x or even 375x with the addition of a second lens.

This is super cool. Also, I'm sure this could be useful to citizen scientists and schools.

Much of the work for this prototype was done at the Artisan's Asylum in Somerville, MA


Ant 1


Ant 2


Paper towel


Dragon Fly Wing

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This is really cool! @partsandcrafts which is right near you (somerville ave) has been working on a related design over at #basic-microscope -- take a look, maybe we could collaborate!

Especially on trying this out:


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