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Raspberry Pi based microscope

by Holger | November 06, 2015 11:49 06 Nov 11:49 | #12375 | #12375

Hey there,

I am currently working on a rasperry pi based microscope. So far I had posted descriptions of two prototypes on Instructables ( [] ), but I am trying to construct a simplified version as the base for a a building kit.

Have a look and me know if you might be interested to offer this as a kit in the US. Estimated hardware costs, including camera, would be about 40-50 US$, maybe a bit less on larger volumes.

Kind regards



this is really cool! I'm using a commercial microscope right now, and really need to move to an automated slide stage to automate the assay. This is project is a great start to doing that.

@TonyC can talk about kit stuff

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Hi @Holger- I'm very interested in this, as well as a kit. Have you any updates on project? Best. -Peter

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@plundh I'm not sure about this kit, but the OpenFlexure Microscope is moving towards a kit. More notes here:

@richardbowman and crew have a kit for sale:

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Picking up this thread -- we're hoping to do some replications of both the lego and the acrylic microscope. Would you be open to reposting these as an activity?

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Hi kgradow1-

Yes, that's a good idea.


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Hi there, my apologies, but I have not been here for a while. If you like, any of my projects published on instructables could be reposted as activity here. I even had been improving the whole thing a bit, but habe been to busy since to prepare a reasonable documentation and work on this concept a bit more. My intention had been to build a larger version that would allow to screen 96 well plates. I even had build a prototype, but then changed the job and the focus.

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Hi @Holger -- actually that would be super to see them -- we're particularly interested in the lego one, but any of your microscope projects would be great to see. Great to hear from you!

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Hi @Holger -- hope things are going well. We'd still love to see your work republished here if you're interested. Especially interested in stage control pretty soon, too!

Here's some of the latest:

And generally at #basic-microscope -- thanks!!!

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