Question: What kinds of environmental tools or hardware do you want explore (or invent) at Barnraising?

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by Bronwen | February 06, 2019 16:20 | #18269

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When we meet in Galveston. we'll be setting aside time and space for a dive / exploration into environmental monitoring tools and practices: both as activities AND as an opportunity to brainstorm about the kinds of things we'd like to see available in our communities. This is for everyone: you don't have to bring any particular skill set to participate, just an interest and willingness to jump into the process with your own questions and ideas.

We're interested in hearing what you want to work on together in our hands-on & DIY spaces! We're putting together our supply list, and would love to hear your thoughts about:

  • What kinds of tools or materials do you like to work with? Are you interested in Electronics? 3-D printing? Photography?Prototyping with cardboard? Drafting on paper?
  • What environmental issues are you most interested in delving into?
  • What do you most want to learn?

We're putting a shopping/sourcing list together, so you can add materials requests and questions/thoughts/ideas below, or add to our spreadsheet, here.

Especially interested in hearing from some of folks who will be in attendance: @Obasegun @danbeavers @zengirl2 @SadiePrego @eustatic @caguldi03 @read_holman @susanjacobson @bljohns7 @a1ahna @cess @Pat @magictowers


Hey! I'd love to explore and learn about different diy options for soil testing for contaminants.... reagents, colorimeters, spectrometers, etc. Oh- and simple tests for e-coli.

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I definitely want to work on hacking the FEMA box of food that people receive in emergencies. Let's take the same box size and figure out what people in TX would put together. Also, I'd like to work on the DIY air purifier using a simple box fan and HEPA filter. This could be handy for people experiencing bad air quality from flooding. If we could either purchase the fan and filter out there, or even borrow someone's fan to hack, that would be great. We need to come up with an easier/less messy way to attach the filter beyond using duct tape. Maybe a roll of stick-on insulating foam strip to make a good seal and some bungies or velcro? Let's figure it out!

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