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Week 3 @ GSOC 2020: Mapknitter Export Module and Spectral Workbench upgrades

by alaxallves | May 24, 2020 01:25 24 May 01:25 | #23689 | #23689

Community Bonding - Week 3

This week I got to finish my planning issue and published it, I think it is very complete 😄, but also very simple and with well defined tasks, it is all available at:

I have also opened a PR including the Codecov and Simplecov at the main Spectral Workbench branch, here:

This was a nice feature since it drives the PL org to a more standardized - thus friendly - ecosystem of projects. I got to collaborate with PL's SysAdmin too - Sebastian a.k.a @icarito - he's given me a nice help at the PRs I was struggling with, which were:

He's given me some feedback which I'm already going through. My plans for the upcoming week is to work on the PRs mentioned above and start working on the test coverage upgrade for Spectral Workbench.


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