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Rede InfoAmazonia

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The project will use environmental sensors connected via mobile networks to generate indicators of water quality in 2 cities in the Brazilian Amazon, Santarém and Belterra. Starting in December, 2015, the project will inform people on the quality of water, reducing water contamination by disease and environmental degradation. The goal is to provide real-time data on contamination of water tanks. The data collected by this network of sensors will be distributed to the government, citizens and non-governmental organizations through the alert system for mobile phones (SMS) and web mapping applications.

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What data are you going to be collecting?

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we are taking to researchers to discover this. we plan to have an answer to this question until the end of September.

Will you be posting here and/or do you have a site or mailing list where you're organizing activity, so that we can follow progress?

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we'll be posting here.

last friday we did a hackday about water, and this week I'll be posting some notes here.

awesome! Can't wait to see your notes and pictures!

@mathew , sorry to take so long to answer, but the schedule of the project is late. in this page you'll find the data that we will collect and other important info:

Olá estou iniciando trabalhos com sensores para monitoramento de qualidade de água e arduino no Pará, na região Nordeste do Pará. Moro em Castanhal, e trabalho no Instituto Federal do Pará (IFPA). Estamos querendo monitorar a costa nordeste do Pará. Poderia dar mais informações sobre como reproduzir o projeto? Mais especificamente sobre fornecedores nacionais dos eletrodos utilizados, amplificadores. meu e-mail:

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what are the different sensors which has been used for your project .....................please reply as soon as possible , we are desperate ....

Hi aryachandran, the Mae d'agua measures acidity in water by power of hydrogen (pH), oxidation reduction potential (ORP), water conductivity, water temperature and barometric pressure in the water level.

PL method: Info amazonia github:

You can also check two other methods for water quality monitoring:



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