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I'm a development researcher and practitioner, more of the second lately (haven't had time to finish a single article in ages). What I'm all about: digital equity and equality / open knowledge, internet, science and tech / collective action / power / adaptive and iterative design&implementation / problem definition at the local level. My twitter: @PazByC

Temas que ocupan tiempo y corazón: Equidad digital - conocimiento, tecnologías e internet libres acción colectiva - poder - diseño e implementación adaptativo e iterativo - deconstrucción y construcción de problemas a nivel local.

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Hand-crank powered flashlights

by pazb 9 months ago | 2 | 345 | 2

¿Or "crankable flashlight"? Have no idea what sounds better -Check videos we made here: [https:/...

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Some flying/mapping seems to be coming our way and we’ll need help!

by pazb 10 months ago | 7 | 184 | 4

First time writing a research note; I'm new in this community. So, I'm running a wannabe researc...

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