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Data Activism Conference 2021

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This event was sent to the Public Lab staff courtesy of Seth Laxman @ Greenpeace

Dear Public Lab Community,

This is an invite to participate in Greenpeace USA’s first ever Data Activist Co-Op.

The Data Activist Co-Op is a three day virtual event bringing together social & environmental justice organizations, Data & GIS professionals, activists, community leaders, scientists and climate leaders. Attendees will discover how progressive groups are working to protect data; learn how individuals traditionally marginalized by the information age can reclaim power over their data, and create toolkits to advance data justice work within your communities.

There are three camp themes; Data Activism & Ethics, Data for Social & Environmental Justice, and Mapping & Visual Storytelling. Within each theme there will be live presentations, interactive workshops, group challenges, recorded webinars, and Q&A sessions. Participates are also encouraged to partake in a fun hackathon-like-activity spanning the course of the co-op: before the co-op begins, we will distribute a challenge to all presenters and attendees, and provide time slots and shared workrooms so that we can share our efforts in tackling one important aspect of data injustice.

Event: Tuesday - Thursday, August 24-26, 2021.

This is a free, ALL-VIRTUAL event hosted by Greenpeace US. Sessions will be offered across various time zones.

Interested? Yes! I am Interested in...

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@laurel_mire and I are planning to attend and will be creating a research note based on what we learned! If anyone else is also, feel free to coordinate with us to contribute to the debrief note :)

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