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"You're free to use these, they're CC-BY-SA creative commons licenses! Sorry i'm so slow to reply! " | Read more » about 20 hours ago
"Just noting that @kpezzoli had left a comment 17 days ago on the earlier version of this post, so I'm copying it over here. Thanks, @kpezzoli! Con..." | Read more » 7 days ago
"Hi! I've noticed that the Pi runs /much/ faster when adequately cooled -- strange but true, because I think it throttles to reduce temperature. So..." | Read more » 10 days ago
"Hi, you can use this simpler sequence for that:,colormap This will just apply NDVI and the c..." | Read more » 10 days ago
"Ah, in the infragram code, it clips anything above 1.0. But there's not a lot in the image that would be that high - just some artifacts in the low..." | Read more » 15 days ago
"Ah, i see! So, when I drop your original image into, and run the equation (R-B)/(R+B)+(1/3) (boosting the ov..." | Read more » 16 days ago
"Hi! This looks pretty good, actually -- you're using a blue filter, i see; there's evidence that red filters are a bit better, but you're getting p..." | Read more » 17 days ago
"Hi, can you share the image you're trying to process, and the output you're getting? Thanks! " | Read more » 19 days ago
"Hi, our basic microscope kits use a standard USB webcam that shouldn't need a driver; can you tell us more about the operating system you're using?..." | Read more » 20 days ago
"I think there is a little screw that can be turned to "tune" each sensor board, so I wonder if you could put both in the same sample and use a smal..." | Read more » 21 days ago
"Maybe we could do both sound and light? That way it is adaptable for different abilities too. I don't know if we could have one port drive a light..." | Read more » 22 days ago
"Sorry for slow response here! Just checking -- so, exporting generates downloads, which then appear under "download." And, the thing with exportin..." | Read more » 23 days ago
"So, i realized entering control-shift-; in a google spreadsheet enters the exact time/date in a cell. Maybe we can modify the Arduino code to send ..." | Read more » 23 days ago
"Hi, Cess! I think we need only one for notes, for now. The questions one already exists, and this new one would be an alternate template for pubicl..." | Read more » 23 days ago
"That is really odd. I tried a couple other things but can't figure out why this is happening. In theory it should just be pressing the tab key betw..." | Read more » 23 days ago
"Hmm, the script is: function onEdit(e) { var val = e.range.getValue().toString(); if (val.indexOf('_now') !== -1) { e.range.setValue(Dat..." | Read more » 23 days ago
"Oh, it looks like the sensor is sending "_now" instead of "now"... I wonder is it possible to modify the spreadsheet script to match that? " | Read more » 23 days ago
"Folks at NASA AREN (#aren) sent this over -- a smartphone method for water color, interesting!" | Read more » 23 days ago
" " | Read more » 23 days ago
"I did this! My first error it was a silly mistake - the yellow/red/black cable was plugged in backwards. "apparently" it makes a difference which ..." | Read more » 23 days ago
"One more thing that may be a little odd. The tag input form makes sense above the power tag zone. But when entering, we may have to add extra code ..." | Read more » about 1 month ago
"Love this. this is all perfect. Great short texts too. If folks are ready, we can start chopping this up into pieces for implementation. One note ..." | Read more » about 1 month ago
"Obviously we love to see any improved 3d printed parts and would love to add to the design. Just so people know, we try to print these to be solid,..." | Read more » about 1 month ago
"Sadie, just curious, how does your adhere to the board? I love the little grippy bits that hold the lens itself! " | Read more » about 1 month ago