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Outreachy proposal: Re-design of the Infragram landing page and responsive design on mobile

by S_mboyi | April 16, 2022 01:01 16 Apr 01:01 | #30434 | #30434

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About me

An open source enthusiast studying computer engineering. Also a UI/UX designer and a front end web developer

Location: Bamenda Cameroon

Project description

Abstract/summary (<20 words):

I went through the Infragram website and here are some suggestions I have for the UI of the landing page of Infragram. I noticed some issues on the original landing page which are listed below;

• There is a lack of proper hierarchy

• Because of lack of sections, the page makes new users confused

• The lack of a navigation bar


I redesigned the landing page to look less crowded yet not going far off from the original design. This new design provides a simple and friendly UI for users. This design uses the main logo colors and most of the call to action buttons are in the color of the logo

And I added a navigation bar for easier navigation and also added a sub Navigation bar on the landing page that directs to the various sections of the landing page

_I also worked on the responsiveness and provided a proposed design for the view on mobile



This design can be broken down into sections like on the page sections and one section is developed per week


Will need content, data, documentation and some design software to edit the designs

First-time contribution

Here is a link to an issue I oppened


Recently I have been learning front end web development . I also have been working on an open source internet censorship open source project. Here I am working on the android application development section. Here is a link to the repository



_The teams I have worked with have been very encouraging. _


Particular passionate about Infragram and how it analyses plant health using infrared imagery


_I will like my redesign of the landing page help users to better understand how Infragram works and make the website more interactive _


_I intend to dedicate 6 hours a day for this internship _


Hello, as the deadline is quick approaching, I'd love to see a bit more of a complete proposal if you're planning on applying! Great start on reflowing a responsive front page. How might we reformat the "editing" interface too? Thank you!

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Thank you for your comment. Please could you be a little bit more explicit on what you mean by the "editing" interface. Thanks

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