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Oil testing kit Evaluation

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thermal colorimetic spectro photometer

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"stick the plastic tape onto the large aluminium part, tease off the tape and at the same time the aluminium part will be tease off at the same time..." | Read more » almost 4 years ago
"My physical address has been sent to this Email I don't mind you guys send it to me and I will do the test! " | Read more » about 4 years ago
"I am willing to test the oil testing kit but I don't have any UV laser " | Read more » about 4 years ago
"I think that set still has error since some of the important band is still below the dim light area eg red if they are using the same light source ..." | Read more » about 4 years ago
"Yes, i have done the calibration manually uses the blue and green light. Because the urine(concentrated urine and non-concentrated urine) are colle..." | Read more » about 4 years ago
"PCR tube fits your requirement of the container I think! " | Read more » about 4 years ago
"Issue: I use water as my control. Although the result has displayed all light can be through water, there's still a message saying that it is overe..." | Read more » about 4 years ago
"Actually I have not tried to detect the IR spectrum. But I have tried the visible light area. See the next note. " | Read more » about 4 years ago


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