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Wiki Templates

This page has templates that can be used to create new wikis. Click edit on the page and copy the template you'd like to use for posting a new page! Feel free to adjust the template on your new post to suit your specific need.

tagname note: on each of these templates you will see spots that say tagname. A tag is a useful tool on Public Lab to help organize material. For each one of the templates below, you will need to create a tag that you'd like to use and replace all the tagname text on the template with the tag you've chosen. The tag you choose should be the "key word" or words for the topic of the post (note that if it's more than one word, it will need to be hyphenated).

Any material on Public Lab that has the tag you choose will be funneled to your page as supporting or related material. If you want something that's unique to your page (say a specific project) choose a unique tag (such as chicago-petcoke).

Templates on this page

  • Method template lite: this template is useful for when you're interested in posting a new environmental monitoring method to Public Lab
  • Issue Brief: This template is useful when you first begin exploring an environmental issue and you're looking to share what you know about it and get some input from others on next steps forward.
  • Project Page: This template can be used when you're organizing a project and want a home page to work from for organizing materials and sharing out about it.

Method Template Lite

This template can be used to add a new environmental monitoring method up on Public Lab. Use the button below to make a wiki page for your new method.

Click here to preview the template

Start a page with the Method Template Lite

Issue briefs

This template can be used for when you're starting out exploring and explaining a local environmental concern. Use the button below to help you post your environmental concern or issue to Public Lab.

Click here to preview the template

Post an issue brief

Project Pages

This template is useful when you're working on a longer term project and want to keep information about it in one place. It will store updates, questions and also allows for people to subscribe to follow your project.

Create a new wiki page with the button below. Title it with the name of your project.

Click here to preview the template

Post a project page

More templates

We've been marking templates (for wiki pages, notes, etc, but saved as a wiki page) with the tag #template. That will make them appear here:

Table Content
UI Feedback Template about 1 month ago by warren 1 0
Wiki Templates about 2 months ago by warren 22 1
replication-template 8 months ago by warren 1 0
Issue Brief Template 9 months ago by stevie 5 2
activity-template 11 months ago by warren 1 1
method-template-lite about 1 year ago by warren 5 1

Create a new template here

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