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This first line of a page will appear as the "summary" of your method here and elsewhere around -- edit this sentence into a one-line summary of your method!

Basic info


What environmental problems might this apply to

  • For example, particulate matter in air, turbidity in water, lead in soil?

What limitations does the method have

  • not weather proof? needs a calibration?

Literature review

  • has it been done?
  • how?
  • who has done it?

What is the design philosophy

Where is the project's home page

  • It could be this page right here, but also perhaps it has its own website, and/or also uses github

Where do conversations happen

[prompt:paragraph:For instance which PL mailing lists or external forums]

About the data

  • What types of data does the method produce (visual, numeric, graphs, charts)
  • How to access the data, where is it kept, maintained, accessed, who can get it
  • How does the data compare to other commercial methods or governmentally recognized methods?

How to get one

  • if available, provide a link to the kit in our store, or the product on another site.


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Activities should include a materials list, costs and a step-by-step guide to construction with photos. Learn what makes a good activity here.


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Nothing yet on the topic "METHODNAME" -- be the first to post something!