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Issue Brief Template

This template can be used for when you're starting out exploring and explaining a local environmental concern. Copy the text below into a research note and use it to help you post your environmental concern or issue to Public Lab.

Replace this the text here with two-three sentence description of your issue or concern. Keep it tangible, nothing too complicated.

Our main concern:

What do we know about how this issue regulated?

Do you have any information about how the issue is currently regulated? You can replace this text and add text or links here to help explain.

Who is engaged in this concern?

Are there people you know of who are currently working on this? Delete this text and explain who's currently working on what aspects of the issue.

What are the initial questions?

Delete this text and replace "tagname" below with the tag you'd like to use to follow your issue. Note: the tag is how the material posted after you share this post will be organized. Tags need to be one word, or a couple words separated by a hyphen for example "dredge" or "lake-dredge". Note that any question that has the tag you use will populate the grid below. If you want to keep out broad questions related to the topic, choose a tag that could be unique to your issue for example: "Madison-Lake-Dredge"

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