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Set up a Mobius Action Cam for timelapse

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The Mobius Action Cam is used in the Infragram Point & Shoot, and also for lightweight aerial photography such as in the Mini Kite Kit and Mini Balloon Kit. It can also be used for timelapse photo monitoring of any kind; this activity shows how to set it up. These instructions are based on a post by @abdul.


Manually setting the config file is not hard, but there are now also programs to guide you through the process automatically, (thanks to @cfastie and @patcoyle for finding these!)

If you're going to do it yourself manually, read on!

To set the camera to Timelapse mode, you'll need to follow the above instructions for uploading a custom config file; you can use this one to have a 2-second timelapse, or tweak the Set Time Lapse Shooting line for an interval you prefer: SYSCFG.TXT

To start timelapse mode:

  1. Turn on the camera
  2. Press M twice to enter Photo Mode
  3. Press the shutter button () to start the timer, and look for the blinking red light:


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