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Welcome! On this page you will find programming, activities, and resources related to formal and informal education. Browse recent work on curricular materials: #education, and [subscribe](https://publiclab.org/unsubscribe/tag/education) to get updates on education ## How Can You Get Involved? We're looking to build a strong community of practice where educators of all experiences can share resources, knowledge, and lend a hand. Here are some ways that you can help build Public Lab's educational Community ### Join the Conversation Get notified about new #education posts by subscribing to related tags. Click the button below, and subscribe to tags like "education", "classroom", "lesson", as well as other topics that you're interested in. <a class="btn btn-primary btn-lg" href="https://publiclab.org/subscriptions">Subscribe</a> ### Try These Lessons in Your Classroom and Share Your Experience After using one of these activities in person, let us know how it goes in the comments. We appreciate your feedback and encourage you to share how you modify the lesson to better fit your classroom. For more information about integrating Public Lab tools & methodologies, check out the resources available at [Public Lab for Educators.](https://publiclab.org/wiki/public-lab-for-teachers) ###Gulf Region: Community-based Community Science Projects Public Lab is excited to announce that with support from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s Gulf Research program we will be working on building the scientific capacity of the next generation. Read more about the [project and curriculum here. ](https://publiclab.org/wiki/student-led-community-science-in-the-classroom-a-curriculum) ________________ ## Activities Here are some different activities particularly suited for use in the classroom: [activities:education] Also see this page on [Air Quality Class](/wiki/air-quality-class) **** ## Questions [questions:education] ## Resources Check this [wiki](http://publiclab.org/wiki/funding-sources-for-science-teachers) that has some information on funding sources for science teachers. ![PartsNCraftsSpectralTurntable.jpg](https://i.publiclab.org/system/images/photos/000/001/316/medium/PartsNCraftsSpectralTurntable.jpg) **** ## Education group [people:education]...

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