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Urban Waters Mapping, NOLA

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Welcome to the New Orleans Urban Waters Mapping Project!

This community mapping project aims to maps eight urban restoration sites around New Orleans. Join the Gulf Coast Google Group to get involved!

Gulf Coast Google Group

This data from this project has been collected, compiled and organized by volunteer efforts of the New Orleans Public Lab Community. Over the course of the coming year, we will work to map all of these sites twice. This page is the results of our compiled data as it becomes available. Read more about our project in this article by Chris Staudinger from the NOLA Defender and this research note.

Here is the Toolkit we're making in this project.. Interested in wetlands monitoring? Get started here!

Check out the sites we are working on for this project:

Bayou St. John at Lake Pontchartrain

Map from 10/11/14: Mapped by: Dan Beavers, Dan Henry and Brandi Caro


Stitched by: Joneya Thompson and Catherine Nguyen
Bayou_St._John.png Link to map

Near Infrared Images from 10/21/14:



Mapped by: NOCCA and Scott Eustis



Oblique Link to Data

Mapped 5/30/15 by Diana, David, Molly, Harley, and Stevie
Map Stitched by Diana:

May 30, 2015

Bayou St. John Scenic Urban Waterway

Map from 10/11/14: Mapped by: Brian Ruiz and Ryan Crassionnie




Notes on Mapping: We need a bigger pole!

Map from 11/11/14:


Mapped by: Scott Eustis RGB on pole Link to Data: Notes on Mapping: Go Pro Video, too

Near Infrared images from 1/24/15


Stormwater Wetlands at City Park

Mapped by: 30 NOCCA Students! Stitched by Stevie Lewis new-orleans-city-park.jpg

Link to Data, Notes on Mapping

Infrared images (October 11th--Blitz)

Map stitched by: Jack Faust and Meghan Speakman


Link to Data:


Map available at mapknitter:

Mapped 5/30/15 by: by Diana, David, Molly, Harley, and Stevie Image corrected by David Flores

Map below knit by Diana:

May 2015City Park, New Orleans

Bayou Bienvenue Shoreline Restoration

Last time we went here, our pole broke. Join us for our next mapping trip to capture this site!

Bayou Bienvenue Waste Water Treatment Plant

Map from 10/11/14:


Mapped by: Gerald McCollam, Leslie Williams, Molly Gordon and Claire Loudis

Notes on Mapping: Post by Gerald!

Infrared images from 10/11/14 Mapped by: Gerald McCollam, Leslie Williams, Molly Gordon and Claire Loudis

Link to Data:

Molly's map


South Shore Restoration Site

Map from 10/11/14:


Mapped by: Scott Eustis, Lauren Sullivan, Tim Link to Data: Notes on Mapping:

Mapped 4.18.15 by @danbeavers, @ddileona and @stevie
Stitched by @liz
Post on images by Liz:

Louisiana Nature Center

Map from 10/11/14: Mapped by: Scott Eustis, Lauren Sullivan, Tim and Amy LeGaux, Stitched by Scott Eustis



(Run in Fastie's color scheme)

Link to Data, Link to Post

Map below done with images taken on 6.9.15 by Molly and Stevie, Map knit by Stevie:

Mapped 6.9.15

Map of images take 6.9.15 knit by Molly:

Balloon mapping at the Louisiana Nature Center in New Orleans East

Wetland Watcher's Park

Map from (12 Dec 2014) Mapped by: Gerald, Bryan, Stevie, Scott Link to Data: Notes on Mapping:



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