This page is intended to help people post Project Pages on Public Lab. It includes step by step instructions on posting a Project Page, and examples of pages for you to reference. Video walk through on posting a project page: [Click here to preview the template](/n/15164) Post a Project Page ### What is a Project Page? A Project Page is a wiki page on Public Lab where information on Projects can be collected and organized. Project pages can help you to: - create a homepage for your project on Public Lab, - organize project materials in once place, - collaborate with others, - attract project followers, - share data, and - collate questions related to your work. ### Who should post a Project Page? Project pages are good "second step" pages on Public Lab. They tend to not be the first thing you do when you first come to share and explore on Public Lab. If you're posting about a concern for the first time, you can use the [Issue Brief](/issue-brief) template, if you're posting about a specific question you have, you can post it to Public Lab's [Q+A](/questions). As projects develop, the Project Page template is a great place to gather information together. As long as you use a consistent *tag for your work, you can always collect the information related to your Project on a page later. Also, as you've built up your contributions on Public Lab, you can go back and add your Project Tag to materials you and your team have posted related to your work. _*tag: Public Lab organizes materials by a tagging system. Adding tags to material helps to make it searchable and organized by category. By creating a unique Project Tag for your Project, you can collect all your information on your Project Page. Tags can be separated by hyphens, but not spaces. For example: "Pensacola-stormwater-project" or "pensacolastormwaterproject." More information on “tagging” [can be found here]( ### How do I post a Project Page? To post a Project Page to Public Lab you need to first create Public Lab account [here](/signup). This allows you to: - Post to Public Lab - Follow topics that are of interest to you - Comment on other people’s questions and posts. Once you have created an account, you can use [this basic template]( to post a Project Page. The template is flexible. You can add categories and things to it, you can also take things off of it. ### How can people contribute to the Project Page once I post it? Using the Project Page template will help you to design a page so that all future posts on Public Lab related to your project will automatically update your project page, whether they're from you, or others you work with. While others can edit the project page, the history of Project Pages is always stored, so drafts are kept and pages can be reverted. ### Help drafting or posting a Project Page: There are a number of ways you can get assistance drafting an Issue Brief. You can join the weekly [Live Call](/open-call) and talk to Public Lab staff and community members. You can also join the Public Lab [Chat](/chat) room to ask for assistance. ### Example Project Pages: [wikis:project]...

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