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Who we are

The Public Lab community:

The Public Lab community is backed by a non-profit to focus impact on environmental health justice. All the following links pertain to the nonprofit:

How our community works together:

Where we work:

Getting started

Open hardware kits for environmental monitoring and exploration

  • https://publiclab.org/kits -- the Kits Initiative, and home of Community Kits, the program where you can prototype your hardware project with the Public Lab community and distribute through our store
  • https://store.publiclab.org -- where you can buy (and sell) Public Lab open hardware kits

Software for processing environmental data, and data archives

Contribute to software, including the publiclab.org website itself:

Further reading

Community reach

Evaluating our impact:

By the numbers:


The Public Lab website has two main types of content:

Navigating the Public Lab website:

  • https://publiclab.org/dashboard -- redirects from publiclab.org when you are logged-in to show you a custom view of content. Redirects from publiclab.org/research

More ways to navigate the Public Lab website: * https://publiclab.org/search * https://publiclab.org/tags * https://publiclab.org/tag/______ -- fill in the blank URL to view all content tagged with a certain tag * * UNDER CONSTRUCTION https://publiclab.org/map - the map of all geographically tagged content on publiclab.org (not actual maps)

Important pages that are both auto-generated by tags AND have an editable feature at top:

Guidance on how to write, format, and organize content