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Analytics Lounge NFP CivicLab ...

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Bourj Al Shamali Refugee Camp

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Bourj Al Shamali refugee camp in south Lebanon was opened in 1948 as a temporary shelter for Pale...

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Hay diferentes personas, grupos y proyectos relacionados con Public Lab en España ¡añade el tuyo!...

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Gulf Coast

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We are: engaged citizens, researchers, educators, community organizers, hackers, more and all ...

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Bert Mooney Airport (BTM) Where I-90 & I-15 intersect: 119 miles east of Missoula on I-90, ...

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Somerville, Massachusetts

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Image above by @liz Our work in Somerville is developing in partnership with [Parts and Craf...

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Collaborators: Digital+Media: Environmental Justice Research Cluster at the Rhode Island Scho...

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New York City

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Eymund Diegel: also on the Board [L...

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A Public Laboratory group is just starting up in Texas, read below for more information and to ge...

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Mildmay Community Centre, London, UK

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This place has been archived Mildmay is an area within the Borough of Islington in London,...

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Hello Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC! We are just getting a local Public Lab chapter starte...

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More than 20 people have taken the time to put their name on [this list](

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The pollution of water bodies (e.g. rivers and lakes) is a problem that many communities are, or...

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Philadelphia is home to a newly active group of Public Labbers. So far, our focus has been on bui...

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Lead photo: Early experiments in Vermont with the Public Lab's infrared camera tool. **Vermo...

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Western North Carolina

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"Academics supporting citizen scientists," a talk with Jack Summers Saturday, October 11, 2014...

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Rio de Janeiro

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The work in Jerusalem concentrates on collaborative mapmaking techniques for creating independen...

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Northern California

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The Northern California region has held a number of balloon mapping and other Public Lab events, ...

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Shenandoah Valley

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Hosted by Andy Guest State Park over the weekend of 21-22 JUL 2012 Coordinated by Denizen Me...

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Skane, Sweden

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A Public Laboratory chapter is just starting up in Sweden. For now it is primarily students from...

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Lima is home to a variety of initiatives and groups which share goals with Public Laboratory, and...

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Public Laboratory working with interested members of the STS community around UCD in Davis, Calif...

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Sumava, Czech Republic

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View the area that activists are currently working at:,+Cze...

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Santiago, Chile

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<img src="" wid...

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Portland, Oregon

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Grassroots Mapping hosts workshops in Portland in collaboration with Pacific Northwest College of...

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