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The word "method" has different meanings in different spheres, at Public Lab we use it to mean any technique, approach, or set of techniques to achieve something. You can see a selection of them at the Methods page, or post a new one using the instructions here:

Post a new method here

What goes into a method page

Briefly, a method page could contain:

  • A one-line introduction to the method or set of methods
  • Context and background on the method
  • Questions and a prompt to add your own
  • Activities to guide people to how to begin using or contributing to the project

A much more complete description of methods can be found here.


Title Author Updated Likes
How does the EPA measure things, especially the size of dust particles? @kgradow1 about 1 month ago
How do environmental monitoring methods become recognized or official by US regulatory agencies? @stevie 12 months ago
How can I find out what environmental monitoring methods are recognized by regulatory agencies? @stevie 12 months ago

Ask a question  or help answer future questions


Purpose Category Status Author Time Difficulty Replications
Post a new method to - - @liz - - 0 replications: Try it »

Add an activity  or request an activity

Activities should include a materials list, costs and a step-by-step guide to construction with photos. Learn what makes a good activity here.


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