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A major goal of Public Laboratory is to produce simple and easy guides to construct many of our low-cost tools. Here are some of the illustrated guides, tutorials, and other supporting materials we've put together so far:

Aerial mapping

Grassroots Mapping with balloons and kites

  • Grassroots Mapping Guide 2.0, (1mb pdf) - This improved version of the guide is more concise (prints on 4 pages, or a single 11x17 sheet, double sided) and has been updated with more recent, simpler, more reliable techniques. It is available for anyone to edit or modify as a Google Doc.
  • - Our first illustrated guide attempts to thoroughly explain how to construct and use a balloon mapping kit.
  • Step by step slide presentation - all the drawings of the Grassroots Mapping Guide 2.0 shown one at a time on 15 slides. Useful for projecting during rig-building workshops.

Balloon Mapping Quick Start Guide

We made this one specifically for filling and flying our balloon kit, but the flying info is generally applicable.

Anyone can print, add to or edit the Google Doc, please translate it to new languages if you can!

Balloon Mapping Flight Checklist & Packing Lists

Sequential to-do lists and packing lists for every step of the process. Do it right every time! use a list.

Again, anyone can download, print, or edit the Google Doc.

Making Maps with MapKnitter

Public laboratory's open source tool: MapKnitter Guide



Older spectrometry guides:

These may be out of date

In progress

We're constantly improving and exploring new ways of documenting and disseminating our designs. Here are some prototypes and planning pages:

  • T-shirt guide - A t-shirt with instructions for balloon mapping printed on it.

In-progress Translations: