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"Research area reviews" are ways we work to organize and synthesize information and materials on Public Lab based on topic areas.

Review Phases

Currently, Research Area Reviews are run in three phases:

  • Phase 1: Information Gathering
  • Phase 2: Convening
  • Phase 3: Synthesizing

See the template below for a full list of tasks in each phase.

Phase 1: Information Gathering

In Phase 1, the goal is to sift through and update all the existing resources on related to a topic. This could include checking in on other projects' updates as well, and if there's been a previous review, that's also a great place to start.

Phase 2: Convening

Phase 2 involves hosting an Open Call to bring folks together, to go through the collected materials from Phase 1, identify gaps and plan next steps.

Phase 3: Synthesizing

In Phase 3, the notes from the call and the newly collected materials, shared goals, and tasks are organized and shared on, tying the review together in a single post.

Who does reviews?

Organizing community materials on, and growing and organizing our shared knowledge, is important work. If you're interested in helping out, please go ahead! We're also happy to hear from you and provide support -- get in touch by leaving a comment on this post


You can copy this template to organize the phases of a Research Area Review:

Phase Task Type Who can do this Difficulty Task I'll do this!
1 Garden Anyone Easy Go through posts in the area and make sure they are properly tagged LINK
1 Share Anyone Easy Post questions on the topic area you have, or that you’re not able to find answers to on Public Lab. LINK
1 Garden One person Medium Make sure the wiki page has clear format LINK
1 Research Anyone Hard Help find answers to unanswered questions LINK
1 Facilitate Anyone Hard Invite, listen to, and record new stories related to the topic LINK
2 Share Anyone Easy Attend the open topic call and collaborate LINK
2 Facilitate One person Medium Host the public online meeting for group to collaborate to: Highlighting findings, ID gaps in available resources, highlight challenges in this research area LINK
3 Synthesize Anyone Hard Review existing material and call summary and write an update post on it with materials gathered LINK
3 Research One person Hard Follow up on gaps identified from the group and post materials to help support information around those gaps. LINK