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OneCranston is an initiative looking to build racial and social equity to help establish social cohesion across the City to gain economic mobility, with the Comprehensive Community Action Program as it’s backbone agency. (source)



_Where is this project happening? Who lives here, and in what way are they affected? What geographic area? What's the weather like? What is the ecosystem (tropical, high altitude, ...)? Are there any major features nearby, like highways or a desert? Is there a specific industrial landuse that you are concerned about? _

This is a kite map (made by flying a kite with a camera attached) of the Cranston Print Works site:

Goals and Motivations

_Why are you taking action? Can be as general as "I'm concerned about XXXX" or contain specific goals such as "I want to collect data on the water quality impact caused by the confined animal feed operation nearby". Also consider organizing the sub-questions motivating your inquiry by using the Questions feature, below. _

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What are we working on now:

_Here is a good space to highlight what the current efforts of your project are. You can give a brief explanation here and people can follow along on the updates section below as you post research notes with the tag for your project. Be sure to edit/update this section as the project progresses. _


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Here's a place to list things you have questions about, or issues or challenges you’re hoping to solve in this project. What questions helped guide the work? Let's build out a Frequently Asked Questions area:

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Activities we’ve done in our project

Activities should include a materials list, costs and a step-by-step guide to construction with photos. Learn what makes a good activity here.


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