Image Sequencer

Image Sequencer is an online tool for image processing -- based on the idea of a storyboard. Each modification makes a new copy of the image, resulting in a series of images showing each step. It is designed for use in browsers, as well as on the Raspberry Pi. This project is supported in part by the NASA AREN project

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Prototype: filter map tiles in real-time in a browser with ImageSequencer (NDVI Landsat)

by warren 6 months ago | 7 | 493 | 1

I've been working with the new Image Sequencer, a Public Lab project, to try ...

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GSOC 2018 Work on Image Sequencer

by tech4gt 2 months ago | 15 | 97 | 2

Project Repository _[Invert Module Repositor...

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NDVI microscopy

by MaggPi 3 months ago | 10 | 172 | 1

My first use of image-sequencer ...

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Public Lab partnership with NASA AREN project brings new easy-to-use tools for classroom use

by warren 3 months ago | 0 | 632 | 2

Since 2011, Public Lab community members around the world have been building an...

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Use Image Sequencer for NDVI plant analysis with 2 images

by warren 5 months ago | 7 | 371 | 2

This tutorial shows how to use Image Sequencer to take two DIY multispectral ...

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Image Sequencer on Raspberry PI

by tech4gt 7 months ago | 1 | 217 | 0

Image Sequencer is an image processing library fo...

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GSoC proposal: Image-Sequencer v2 : Processing on steroids

by tech4gt 8 months ago | 35 | 332 | 2

Name: Varun Gupta **Email:

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Introducing Image Sequencer: a pure JavaScript non-destructive image processing library for Node, browser and command line

by ccpandhare about 1 year ago | 0 | 520 | 3

_This past summer, myself, Chinmay led a project (mentored by Jeff) as part of Google Summer of C...

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Developing Image Sequencer as a Library

by ccpandhare over 1 year ago | 13 | 398 | 2

Note: This is a draft and some sections are under development Name: Chinmay Pandhare Email...

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