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Draft of Public Lab Image Sequencer User Manual – Comments Welcome!

by MaggPi | June 10, 2019 04:29 10 Jun 04:29 | #19642 | #19642

Draft of Public Lab Image Sequencer User Manual – Comments Welcome!


Request for comments

  • Seeking comments from Image Sequencer users and developers on User Manual contents, format and scope of effort.
  • Project goal is to develop a single document that helps users understand, access and implement Image Sequencer software for different Public Lab applications.
  • Version 0.1 of the Image Sequencer User Manual is available at: select 'view raw' for Word file download.
  • The first draft of the user manual incorporates information from the Public Lab Image Sequencer github site as well as examples of Image Sequencer image processing modules. Feel free to recommend new sections and make updates!
  • Also request specific information about content outlined ’ in red’ such as maximum image size, processing time and operating system environment.
  • Please make comments to this post or update the document posted on the github site.
  • Goal is to develop version 0.2 by July 1, 2019 and continue to update till Aug 15, 2019.

All comments appreciated and Thank You for helping Public Lab develop better software (and software documentation)!

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Hi @maggPi, this is looking great! You should chime in at the weekly check-in at and I'm sure the image-sequencer community will be really excited!

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Oh wow - here's the PDF - i had trouble reading the docx file at first!


@maggpi have you considered writing this in Markdown and perhaps posting it either as a markdown file in the image-sequencer project, or on the Public Lab wiki?

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@warren, got this, posted to the github site and will transition to markdown with the next update Yhx

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Wow, this manual is really thorough and well explained! I have a minor technical comment:

  • P5 - Tulip picture is referred to as Figure x, Figure X and on the next page Figure Y -> needs consistency. Another option is just to refer to it as "tulip.jpg" or "tulip.png"

  • Is it possible to hyperlink the sections in the table of contents? I know it's easy to do in Microsoft Word if you are making a PDF using header styles and an automatic table of contents, but I've heard it's not easy to do in Mac. Also I'm not sure how that would happen in markdown.

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We should indeed be able to hyperlink the table of contents. Check out the links in:

Great idea!

Version 0.2 available at

Mods include linked TOC and moved to github

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