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This is a regional page for the Public Lab community in the southeastern United States, reaching from the Appalachian mountains to the coastal plain. It sometimes reaches as far west as the Mississippi River, is bounded to the south by the [Gulf Coast region](, and to the north by [Midwest]( and [Northeast]( Join the mailing list--plots-southeast--in the left sidebar. Also, look through the places listed below and see if your locality is already organizing locally. If so, join its local mailing list and subscribe to relevant tags on the website. ###Organizers in the Southeast Region 5 organizers: * [Jessi Breen](/profile/jbreen) (Lexington, KY) * [Laura Chipley](/profile/LauraChipley) * [Gretchen Gehrke](/profile/gretchengehrke) (Durham, NC), also [staff](/wiki/plots-staff) * [Adam Griffith](/profile/Adam-Griffith) (Asheville, NC) * [Benjamin Sugar](/profile/bsugar) (Atlanta, GA) * [Jack Summers](/profile/jsummers) (Cullowhee, NC) * [Will Ward](/profile/wward1400) (Nashville, TN) 2 project leaders (not yet organizers) * John Keefe - teaching a class on water quality sensing Fall 2015 ###Existing chapters in the Southeast Region: * * ###Activity in the Southeast Region ####West Virginia * ####Tennessee * Nashville: ####Virginia * Black Mountain map: * Bentonville map: ####North Carolina * Greensboro: * multi-year mapping at University of North Carolina Charlotte: * The first ever [barnraising](/barnraising) was held in Asheville!: ####South Carolina * Beaufort map: ###Notes [notes:southeast] ...

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taramei "Hi Liz! Yes, could we have a guest in the next few weeks with you? " | Read more » almost 8 years ago
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