Disaster preparedness and disaster response have come to the forefront of concerns for many climate vulnerable communities. Preparedness can include creating plans for what to do during a disaster and running practice exercises. Response includes personal, community, and government actions taken immediately after a disaster, like carrying out a disaster preparedness plan. Source: [FEMA Emergency Management Institute](https://training.fema.gov/) In 2018, in response to hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, Public Lab co-hosted the [Crisis Convening](https://publiclab.org/wiki/crisis-convening) alongside the annual Barnraising event which brought people together to share experiences and skills, explore ways to promote equity and justice through modern crisis response, and build resources for community-first response. In 2019, this event was followed by a second [Barnraising hosted in Houston](https://publiclab.org/wiki/barnraising-texas-2019) focusing on climate change and disaster response. Through these events, and collaborations on Public Lab, the Public Lab community has built out resources for disaster preparedness, materials to support monitoring after events, and a support network to help people navigate questions around monitoring and environmental health in these difficult times. Read more about the events in our community science publication here: [![27572.jpg](/i/33311)](/i/33311?s=o) ###Read the Articles [Show You Can be Free in a Colony](https://publiclab.org/notes/joyofsoy/08-28-2018/show-you-can-be-free-in-a-colony) [For Us, by Us: A Network of Support for Puerto Rico](https://publiclab.org/notes/joyofsoy/11-09-2018/for-us-by-us-a-network-of-support-for-puerto-rico) [The Importance of Community-based Responders](https://publiclab.org/notes/joyofsoy/11-09-2018/the-importance-of-community-based-responders) ###Questions [questions:Disaster-response] ###Activities [activities:Disaster-response] ###Research notes [notes:Disaster-response] ...

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