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Ida early response

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eustatic was awarded the Photo Documentation Barnstar by alisonwilliam1467 for their work in this research note.

We are recovering from Hurricane Ida, which hit Grand Isle, Lafourche, Terrebonne, Lower Plaquemines, Grand Isle / Lafitte, LaPlace, St James, and entire the New Orleans area as a powerful Cat 5.

Gulf communities are going need a lot of help in the days and weeks to come, please consider a generous donation to any of these organizations:

  1. Gulf South for a Green New Deal Community-Controlled Fund (Click here to donate)

"Gulf South for a Green New Deal Community Controlled Fund (GS4GND CCF) promotes just transitions away from extractive practices while dismantling oppressive structures which harm our communities and, ultimately, our ecology. We believe people on and of the land should control what happens to the land; the people of the South must control what happens in the South. This regenerating, community-controlled fund provides resources to foster power and promote togetherness in the region and exists to restore communities and to honor the legacy of strength and resistance in the Gulf South." [ Social media graphics from GCCLP: ]

Zion Travelers Cooperative Center

[social media]

Imagine Water Works (Click here to donate ) - "Imagine Water Works is reimagining the future through art, science, and human connection. Our core focus areas are water management, climate justice, and disaster readiness and response / mutual aid." Donations are not tax deductible, but if you need to make a tax-deductible donation, email

The United Houma Nation (Click here to donate) - "The United Houma Nation is composed of very proud and independent people who have close ties to the water and land of their ancestors." The Houma community is going to get hit hard by IDA and will need a lot of support in the coming days.

LEAN (Click here to donate) "The purpose of the Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN) is to foster cooperation and communication between individual citizens and corporate and government organizations in an effort to assess and mend the environmental problems in Louisiana. LEAN's goal is the creation and maintenance of a cleaner and healthier environment for all of the inhabitants of this state."

Waterwise (Click here to donate) - "The mission of Water Wise Gulf South is to empower individuals, neighborhoods, and marginalized communities to manage stormwater, thereby reducing localized flooding and providing many other benefits. We promote community-driven, ecologically-based solutions, known as green infrastructure, to infiltrate, filter, and detain stormwater runoff and improve water quality."

Foundation for Louisiana (Click here to donate) - "Foundation for Louisiana unites philanthropists, committed organizations, and caring residents to address the most critical needs facing Louisiana and our entire country. FFL is a social justice philanthropic intermediary founded in 2005 to invest in the immediate recovery of Louisiana's communities after Hurricane Katrina."

Lowlander Center (Click here to donate) - "The Lowlander Center supports lowland communities and places, both inland and coastal, for the benefit of both people and the environment."

Vessel Project (venmo @vesselprojectla) - Vessel Project "mission is to provide relief for our community, mutual aid and disaster relief. We are vessels of love and we want to project that love onto every person we come in contact with." Vessel Project is based in Lake Charles, LA and working to help families recover from the 2022 hurricane season.

Another Gulf is Possible (Click here to donate) - "We will distribute donations to support vulnerable families and communities impacted by Hurricane Ida. Another Gulf Is Possible has two Just Recovery vehicles ready to provide mutual aid for essential needs, repairs, and supplies." They also have an excellentIda Resource mobilization page.

Southern Solidarity is a grassroots, community-based group of volunteers in solidarity with the unhoused in their quest toward liberation. We organize the delivery of food, medical resources and basic needs directly to the unhoused in the downtown area of New Orleans because the government has not filled this need. We are influenced by anti-imperialist principles and mobilized by a black queer woman. SOLIDARITY NOT CHARITY. Donate here.

Here are a couple articles worth your time today:

Almost 600 Louisiana sites with toxic chemicals lie in Hurricane Ida's path

Ida's Landfall Imminent, Disaster Expert General Russel Honoré Says Time to Declare Climate Emergency


Thank for sharing!! Here's a wiki we've started for collecting resources and materials as they become available:

Please feel free to edit/update!

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I know Public Lab has people and maybe facilities in that area. Is everyone ok? If there are facilities, was there any damage?

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Hi @Ag8n Thank you for asking and for your concern. All Public Lab staff are safe. We've been reaching out to a lot of our friends and collaborators in the past couple days. All we've been in touch with are safe, but will defiantly be looking for support and resources in recovery. The links @eustatic shared above and on the /wiki/ida page are good.

We have not been able to get into our office yet to see if there is any damage, so in the mean time our store is currently closed to new orders until we're able to get going again.

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@eustatic I saw your posts on SkyTruth Alerts this morning. Is there anything people can do to help? Any imagery to go through yet?

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The cartoscope project for going through images to identify "flooded petrochemical and oil and gas facilities, oil spills, and burning (flaring) of potentially hazardous gases" is up here:

Please Consider Helping Community Based Approaches to Hurricane Ida Recovery and a Future of Climate Justice in the Communities Most Devastated

Throughout the Lowlands and River Parishes homes and businesses have been destroyed and often minimal public services have not been restored. The Greater New Orleans Interfaith Climate Coalition asks that you consider supporting recovery and climate justice work in the communities that have been most impacted.

  1. Concerned Citizens of St. John the Baptist Leader Mr. Robert Taylor’s Home needs massive cleanup, tear down and rebuilding. You can help at Taylor Family Personal GoFundMe

  2. RISE St. James Founder and Leader Ms. Sharon Lavigne’s home has been badly damaged. You can help at Sharon Lavigne's Personal GoFundMe

  3. Rise St. James also has a community recovery and climate justice fund. You can help at Rise St James Ida Recovery Fund

  4. Inclusive Louisiana Leaders Ms. Barbara Washington and Ms. Gail LeBoeuf are working to support recovery in several small communities in the River Parishes which have been badly hit, while fighting to reduce chemical toxins and particulate matter in the air. You can support them at Inclusive Louisiana Fundraiser

  5. The Descendants Project is also working for recovery in the River Parishes. You can support at The Descendants Project

  6. Toi Carter of Extinction Rebellion has been organizing the delivery of supplies and work teams since the Hurricane was over and is working directly to support the above. To help her provide supplies you can contribute to Toi Carter’s personal Venmo: @toijeancarter (used to purchase supplies and reimburse other people who have been buying supplies). Toi would also welcome your help in delivering supplies, providing labor for tear down and tarping, carpentry, delivering hot meals and more. Contact her at

  7. The Greater New Orleans Interfaith Climate Coalition committed $10,000 to the Lowlander Center for emergency help and to build a recovery centered on climate justice. You can contribute directly to the Lowlander Center at by using the donate button. All contributions since the Hurricane until October 1 will go to the Lowlander Center for recovery and climate justice work.

  8. Concerned Citizens of St. John’s continue their fight for climate justice despite the destruction around them. You can help at

Thanks so much for your consideration!

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