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For Sale: One Busted Refinery. Phillips66 in Ida imagery

by eustatic | September 01, 2021 09:23 01 Sep 09:23 | #27639 | #27639

eustatic was awarded the Basic Barnstar by jackhunter1159 for their work in this research note.

NGS updated yesterday's Ida flight


**Healthy Gulf should have a citizen science review project up by Friday for all of these images, at ****

Alliance Refinery, 31 August 2021**

Nothing on National Response Center from this site, as of 29th August

Dark oil sheen from multiple internal pipeline sources


Tanks appear to be on base

Response trucks appear unable to reach site

Proposed Venture Global LNG (Plaquemines LNG, Gator Express, Delta Express) site --underwater

Proposed Port of Plaquemines "Poseidon" container project site in Woodlands --underwater

Proposed Nola Oil Site --underwater, barge strikes on levee

IGP Methanol / Kinder Morgan IMT flooded, water pouring offsite


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