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Last coal plant in Chicago shut down

by liz 5 months ago | 0 | 133 | 1

lead image from News from February 2018: After an 11 year struggle, Little...

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Coal Ash and Citizen Monitoring

by gretchengehrke about 3 years ago | 3 | 1,792 | 4

Photo credit: Living on Earth, As a reside...

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Global Community Monitor work on Silica Dust from Coal Terminals in Seward, AK

by eustatic about 4 years ago | 0 | 2,407 | 3

This is a re-post of a press release relevant to the Open Hour on Dust http://www.gcmonitor...

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Reference: Coal leachate contaminants of concern to Washington Dept of Ecology

by eustatic about 5 years ago | 1 | 1,877 | 0

In our struggle to have [coal export facilities clean up their mess](

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Nungesser test #2, UV and green lazer

by eustatic about 5 years ago | 3 | 2,019 | 1

From the previous note, test the coal or petroleum coke sample for contaminants. In ad...

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Nungesser test: collection of Coal or Petroleum coke for further testing

by eustatic about 5 years ago | 2 | 5,158 | 2

We in the [clean gulf commerce coalition](

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Kite Photo of Ongoing Coal Pollution in Plaquemines Parish, LA

by eustatic over 5 years ago | 1 | 8,986 | 5

We gained a new perspective on the ongoing pollution from the United Bulk terminal using a "Litt...

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