Question: What sessions would people like to have at the 2017 Barnraising?

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warren asked on October 27, 2017 02:37
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Inspired by @cfastie's session-organizing post for LEAFFEST, which worked pretty well, I'd like to know what session ideas people have for the Barnraising on Nov 3-5. I've seen a couple on the wiki already (but I don't know who posted them):

I have a few ideas as well, and will post below. Chris's format asked that folks:

  • Post your suggested activity as an Answer below (not a comment).
  • Other people can Comment on that idea.
  • Other people can Like (star) that idea.

In @cfastie's words (though he won't be joining us, boo!):

These can be ideas for activities that you would like to lead or activities that you would like someone else to lead (please specify).

This will allow everyone to better prepare (what to bring, what to expect, whether to stay home, etc.).

Ha ha ha. But for real, I'd also like to request that people state what questions they'd like to try to answer in a session -- or what ideas they'd like to explore!

We'll be doing this all in person on the "Marketplace" schedule grid, as we always do (if you haven't done this yet, no worries -- it's fun and easy). But this is a chance to share some ideas early!


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9 Answers

Disaster response workflow round table: - Discuss what worked and what didn't as folks across the Public Lab network sought to support disaster response efforts following Harvey, Irma, the earthquake in Mexico, Maria, and other disasters this year.

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(reposted from the Barnraising page -- was this @zengirl2 ?) Drawing detailed flow chart of hurricane effects -->housing -->water-->food etc. This is coming from recent question about submerged crops.

Yes, that's mine :)

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(reposted from the Barnraising page -- maybe also by @zengirl2 ?) Teaching/learning mapping software

Yes, also mine!

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Optics comparison for DIY microscopes

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Writing and illustrating guides to DIY kits! A collaborative work session!

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Outreach to newcomers and building a broad community of practice around a topic! Round-table session!

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Image assessment for disaster response

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We'd love to try converting one of these cheap, $30-40 GoPro clones (a mini camera for #kite-mapping and #balloon-mapping) to an Infragram camera:


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Intro /discussion of using dataloggers and sensors together

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